What is it?

Applying a design onto fabric by sewing with high quality thread. A professional looking and attention-grabbing method for personalisation.

Great for - 

It's a popular choice for front left chest designs, one-of designs (such as names) or garments that are washed multiple times a week. 

Our embroidery is so heavy-duty that it will often outlast the garment it's on!


Screen Printing

What is it?

Applying a design to fabric using silk screen and high grade, highly pigmented fabric inks. 
Limited to Pantone colours only.

Great for - 

Screen Printing is a cost-effective method of decorating large quantities of garments, especially if the design has few colours & is larger than usual.


Thermal Transfer

What is it?

Applying specialist-printed vinyl designs to fabric using heat, and pressure.  

Can use Pantone & CMYK colours, and can include gradients in the design

Great for - 

A fantastic option for people wanting small quantities with large decoration (e.g. Basketball Jerseys for your casual team!), and also for people wanting photo-like colour variation in their decoration.


Pad Printing 

What is it?

A similar process to screen printing, wherein designs are applied to non-fabric items in a specific design using high-quality inks

Great for - 

Branding of Corporate & Promotional gifts, and other forms of merchandising.


Laser Engraving

What is it?

Using a laser to engrave or etch a design into metal, wood or glass.

Great for - 

Branding of Corporate & Promotional gifts, Trophies & Medals, and other forms of merchandising.



What is it?

Permanently embedding a design into fabric using fabric dyes. Fade - resistant and long lasting! 

Great for - 

Sports Jerseys, Fabric Banners, Stubby Holders and more! 


What else? 

The sky, and your imagination, is the limit!

We can conveniently organise 100% custom garments, stationary packs, gift/prize packs, stickers, business cards, fridge magnets, trophies and more! 

We love a challenge! Contact Us now & put us to the test.