What types of decoration can I have?

It depends on your needs! For Garments -
Embroidery is a professional looking and attention-grabbing method for personalisation that will often outlast the garment it's on. It's the most popular choice for front left chest designs, or garments that are washed multiple times a week.

Screen Printing is a cost-effective method of decorating large quantities of garments, especially if the design has few colours & is larger than usual. Thermal Transfer is a fantastic option for people wanting small quantities with large decoration (e.g. Basketball Jerseys for your casual team!), and also for people wanting photo-like colour variation in their decoration. For Promo Gifts - Pad Printing is a relitively similar process to Screen Printing, but onto items. Laser Engraving is exactly what it sounds like, and can only be done when dealing with metal or wooden items.

What are my colour options?

We have a lot of options for you! For Embroidery - We have hundreds of high quality embroidery thread colour options, and are more than happy to discuss getting a specific colour for you.

For Thermal Transfer, Screen Printing & Pad Printing - If the colour exists in the Pantone (PMS) Spectrum, you can have it!
Thermal Transfer can also use CMYK colours, and include gradients in the design. Laser Engraving - Limited to the colour of the item being engraved. This decoration type is limited to metal or timber items.

If I bring some shirts from home, will you embroider them?

Of course! We're more than happy to do that - Just pop in to our offices in Dural, or Contact Us. If you don't have a .DST format logo, we will still need to digitise it for you.

Keep in mind though - with our wholesale supplier agreements, we can most likely save you a great deal of money on high-quality goods!

What format do I need my artwork/logo to be in?

For embroidery, all we need is a high resolution .jpg file.
Though, the ideal format is .DST - This is the format read by our top-of-the-line Tajima embroidery machines, and the format we are setting up and digitising your artwork to be.
If you just want to embroider text, let us know the words, layout and your preferred font, and we will happily organise your artwork for you. The higher the resolution, the better. It needs to be of suffient quality that it can be resized to your desired size and still have crisp, smooth edges. For all other decoration types, a vector graphic is the required format, as they can be easily edited and resized without compromising on image quality.
Typical Vector files include:
AI – Adobe Illustrator
CDR – Corel Draw
EPS – Encapsulated postcript PDF – Vector generated PDF If your artwork is not vectorised we can usually do so for you, depending on complexity, for a small fee.

How much does all of this cost?

We have so many different decoration options, artwork/logo sizes and complexities, quantity discounts, suppliers and additional services that it's almost impossible to give a flat rate on unique jobs without dealing with each of our clients personally.
To quote your job, we need:
- Your Logo/Artworks
- Your Desired Decoration (Embroidery, Screen Printing etc.) - The Position of Decoration on the Item - What Type of Merchandise (e.g. "I am looking for White Long Sleeve Business Shirts" or "I would like personalised Pens for my business") - Quantity Unsure of any of those things? We're more than happy to work with you to establish what you need, and how we can best acheive that for you.

Contact Us for an obligation-free conversation and quote.